Happy Halloween!

I’m feeling sanguine about pumpkin spice everything, everywhere you go, because … well, first, because I never go anywhere. But also because I’ve got three stories being published this month or soon after. I’ll post links as they become available.

“The Cage,” a literary magical realism story,* won 87 Bedford’s Foreign Setting Short Story Contest. It should be published late this month.

Şehzade Suleiman, thinking himself safe in the Kafes, meets an impossible man, and is offered what seems an impossible choice.

Gallery of Curiosities will be podcasting “The Greatest Zombie Story Ever.” It’s funny, not scary, so let your kids pull up a chair and give it a listen. They’ll learn something.

In the bunker, Russell Albro faces a crowd almost as hostile as the unquiet dead on the street. But a single bad night is just a setback. He made Hollywood great again, and he’s still full of bright ideas.

“Egg Basket,” another humor piece, will be published by Bewildering Stories on the 3rd.

Two explorers from Earth shop at the Mall of the Orion and find a sale that changes their world.

I also want to mention “The Keepsake,” a romance, more or less, was published awhile ago by The Wordsmith Journal Magazine.

A bittersweet story of powerful memories bound in a strange lump of plastic.

*Yes, that’s the best label I can come up with.

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